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Recommended products

  • Online ups HP9116C plus 1KVA-10KVA;PF:0.9

    High frequency online UPS adopts double conversion and DSP digital control technology, with powerful functions.Which provide power protection for important equipments.

  • Line interactive ups HP5110E 500VA-3KVA

    Line interactive ups are ideal for power protection of small and important electric devices.

  • Lead acid batteries 2V

     Maintenance free lead acid batteries are designed and produced with 10 years of floating life. Batteries have the features of maintenance free,small resistance,low self-discharge rate,no liquid leakage,no acidic gas overflow, easy and safe transportation,ect.

Online UPS(3ph) 250KVA-800KVA;output PF:0.9

Online UPS(3ph) 10KVA-200KVA;output PF:0.9

Off grid solar inverter with MPPT 1-4.8KW

-48VDC solar power system

Rack mount online UPS 1KVA-10KVA;PF:0.8

Frequency converter (1500Hz) 3-180KVA

Off grid solar inverter 1KW-6KW

Phase converter 3KW-20KW

DC UPS 240W-100KW

Grid-tie/off grid inverter 10KW-250KW
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