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UPS with 220VAC and -48Vdc output for telecom

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Applied to Ethernet,Servers,Exchangers,computers,Local area network (LAN) and metropolitan area network,Indoor wireless network,Telecommunications equipment,48V distributed system,Indoor distribution and extension system,Mobile base stations,WLAN,Satellite communication,microwave station
Modular online UPS consists of the distribution frame, monitoring module and rectifier module and inverter module. Output voltage can be with -48VDC, 220VAC output.
UPS with smart internal battery charger and battery management system for lithium battery, lead acid battery, NiCd battery and LiFePO4 battery, ect.
With high technology such as soft switching, intelligent fan cooling, and Magnetic Shield in the design and development of the power supplies. Power system are also of high efficient and high reliability, with extra low electromagnetic interference, which make them easy to maintenance.
This state-of-the-art solution is especially designed for eliminating the power loss, extra high or low voltage of utility power, voltage sags or damped oscillation, high-voltage pulse, voltage fluctuation, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, clutter immunity, and frequency fluctuation etc., delivering safe and reliable power supply guarantee for users load.
Which can be widely applied to the Base Station of GSM/CDMA, Exchange Bureau of medium-low capacity, Satellite Communication, Data Communication, mobile communication, Access network, microwave communication, electric power system, ect.
● Input:90-280VAC,output:-48Vdc or 220Vac
● Input:48Vdc,output: 220Vac,with RS232,RS485 communication ports 
● Adoption of active power factor compensation technology with factor >0.99
● Wide operating range of AC input voltage: 90~280VAC
● Operating temperature range: -25℃~+55℃
● Zero current/voltage switching tech with high efficiency ≥91%
● Perfect battery management system
● Hot-swappable
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