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Outdoor online UPS 1KVA-100KVA, water proof/dust proof

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Outdoor online UPS(1KVA-100KVA) is specifically designed for outdoor wireless communication systems, microcellular base stations,transportation, oil plants, ect; With a sun protection, heat insulation, roof ventilation, inlet with waterproof and dust filter character. With high-performance integrated outdoor on-line UPS systems, front door with water-resistant shutters, waterproof tank is welded on the back, solid box, which meets IP55 standard.
● High Reliability
Microprocessor controlled, directly from high frequency pulse width modulation wave (SPWM) control of the UPS inverter, simplified UPS control circuit, to improve the stability of UPS; to have stronger practicability, to quickly respond to changes in the external environment and to ensure that the whole control circuit is more compact and reliable.
● Advanced Mode
Double-conversion online design, UPS output frequency tracking, Filter out noise, pure sine waveform which is not interfered by power fluctuations, to provide more comprehensive and perfect protection. Output zero conversion time, to meet the high standards and high demands of sophisticated equipments. With input power factor correction (PFC) technology, makes the input power factor higher than 0.97, increase the utilization of energy, Completely eliminates the UPS on the line grid harmonic pollution, reduce operating costs, UPS is a highly cost-effective green power.
● Environmental Adaptability
Wide input voltage, to avoid large power grid voltage, frequently switching to battery power, adapt to the environment in poor areas.·Input Frequency Range 45 ~ 55Hz, to meet user requirements for use on the oil machines.
● Cold Start Function
In the no power state, it can directly start with battery, to meet the emergency needs of the users, have superior cold-start capability.
● With Intelligent Functions
When the city electricity power failure, UPS battery mode power supply is enabled, Under voltage protection of UPS is automatically shut down. When the electricity restored, UPS firstly detects the mains voltage and frequency. When the utility voltage and frequency are within the normal range, UPS starts.
● Humanity Network Management

LCD display panel provides accurate UPS working environment and working conditions. Through RS232 USB interface, with smart UPS monitoring software can communicate with the computer, UPS parameters display on the communication interface, by setting the computer can carry out multiple functions. To Use SNMP adapter, UPS with remote network management capabilities to provide immediate information on UPS and power information, to communicate through a variety of network operating system.

● Input voltage:220VAC/380VAC; output:220VAC/380VAC

● Working temperature:-20C-+60C; water proof, dust proof

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