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Static Transfer Switch 1KW-500KW

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STS static transfer switch(1KW-500KW) can make single phase(220Vac) or three phases(380Vac) to conduct continuous switch between first choice and prepared choice by manual or automatic method.
It can set or reset first choice power and prepared choice power according to requirements. When first power is fault, system will switch to prepared power automatically.
STS work according to method of break before connect, which ensure two circuits of power will not be in parallel connection in any power environment. Which ensure load to be in duplicate protection. STS can realize continual switch among 4 kinds of different input power to single power output. It can be compatible with N+1 redundancy of UPS of different capacity and brands.
Transfer time is less than 6ms
It doesn’t have arc phenomenon
System has smart audible and visual alarm function
With 19” rack mount type and tower type available
System can be set by users according to their needs.
STS is with digital SCR. The connection and breaking speed is very fast.
STS is no ARC phenomenon is starting and stopping, so that prolong the life of system
System can be compatible with same phase and different phases input at the same time
STS can be compatible with electricity to electricity,electricity to UPS, UPS to UPS, stabilizer to UPS
System adopts synchronous control technology to ensure consistence in the switch and load equipments.
STS has perfect protection function of overvoltage,undervoltage,power failure,overcurrent,phase difference,ect

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