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Shore variable power 300KVA-3000KVA
Shore variable power supply are specially used in ports, dockyard fitting-out berth, ships and ocean drilling platforms
Shore variable power supply are specially used in ports, dockyard fitting-out berth, ships and ocean drilling platforms with outdoor harsh environments which need outdoor frequency conversion variables with high reliability of power supply. This series of products adopt full sealed three layers of insulation pipeline with full air conditioning circulation protection. Inside of equipment environment is completely isolation with the outside world. Equipment tank protection level IP66, air conditioning system is level IP56, fully meet the shore wharf, ships and drilling platforms with any harsh outdoor environments. A complete set of equipment in accordance with the standard container box shape design, easy to transport and move often. 
●Using the full sealed air conditioning cooling system with three insulation layer tank to ensure that the equipment is under good protection.
●Adopting the latest instantaneous voltage waveform control technology, output voltage fluctuation≤0.5V,when 100% load, the output voltage fluctuation less than 3% and recover to the rated output voltage value in 0.5 wave cycle.
●Adopting technology of pure sine inverter output filter. Reduce the output impedance of the sinusoidal filter and improve the quality of the output power.
●Driven by our module with signal master-slave synchronization parallel technology. Which can realize parallel working of many shore variable power equipments without current circulation interference.
●Using the power switching devices which is made by Germany, DSP core is made by USA with 5Mhz optical fiber driver transmission mode. The inverter modulation method adopts the latest SVPWM space vector pulse width modulation.


SFC-1250 SFC-1600 SFC-2000
1000 1250 1600 2000
Input VAC 380VAC±10%;10KV±10%;3phases+3wires or 3phases+5wires
Frequency 30-75Hz
Rectifier 6pulse or 12pulse
Power factor ≥0.95
THDi ≤35% 6pulse;≤5% 12pulse
Output Voltage 0-500VAC can be set according to client's requirements,3 phases+3 wires
Voltage regulator Static:≤0.5V;Dynamic:≤±1%(0~100%)
Frequency 50/60Hz/400Hz;(precision:0.01)≤0.01%(0~100% output frequency is stable)
Overload Can withstand the 3 times of the rated output current shock,when current is more than 
3 time of rated current,frequency will be in inverse time tripping protection;125% for 
1 minute,150% without output,warning
THDi ≤1%
Voltage imbalance <1%
Voltage phase Angle 120°(±0.1°)
Efficiency 95%
Inverter topology Adopted SKIIP and IPM intelligent power module from Germany with three-phase full bridge inverter
Inverter modulation SVPWM
Inverter frequency 3.6KHZ~6KHZ(can be customized according to client's requirements)
PWM transmission 5MHZ Optical drive transmission
Communication RS485,RS232,CAN
Protection three-phase imbalance,undervoltage,overvoltage,overcurrent,short circuit,overheat protection
LCD Display phase,voltage,frequency,current,capacity,power factor,System running time,dc bus voltage, output current,inverter switching frequency, output voltage,output frequency,temperature of input transformer,rectifier temperature,temperature of power module, the temperature of sinusoidal filter
Voltage strength 2500V/AC for 1minute(Leakage current<10mA)
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ
Parallel Yes
Temperature -10℃~+40℃
Humidity 0~95%
Protection IP66
Cooling Air conditioner
Noise <55db
Altitude 1500M
Size(mm) 5000x2440x2900 6000x2400x2900 9000x2400x2900 12200x2400x2900
Weight(T) 4.5T 5T 6T 6.5T 8T 9T 12T 18T

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