Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.
Grid-connected inverter 10KW-500KW
Grid connected solar inverters are made with IGBT module,USA DSP chip and internal MPPT. With high efficiency for solar power system.
●Wide DC input voltage range
●With internal MPPT controller Max. efficiency>99%
●Using DSP digital chip and IGBT modules,system efficiency>97%
●With strong anti-interference ability
●Pure sine wave output,automatically synchronized with the grid, power factor is upto 1
●The configuration can be with isolation transformer or transformerless
●Inverter current double closed-loop control,low current harmonic surge and environment friendly
●Perfect intelligent protection and alarm functions
●IP65 outdoor design, waterproof standard
●With active and passive detection of the grid and anti-island controlling
●LCD display,with RS485,RS232,GPRS communication optional
Model GRTS-10P GRTS-50P GRTS-100P GRTS-250P GRTS-500P
Capacity 10KW 50KW 100KW 250KW 500KW
Max DC voltage 450VDC 800VDC 880VDC
Max MPPT voltage 200-400V 450-780V
Max current 55A 120A 240A 625A 1200A
MPPT efficiency 99.9%
Power 10KW 50KW 100KW 250KW 500KW
Voltage 380VAC
AC Voltage range 300VAC~450VAC
Frequency 50HZ
THD <3%
Efficiency >97%
Power factor 1.0
Isolation transformer Yes
Automatic operation DC input and power grids meet the requirements,inverters automatically work
Protecton short circuit,island effects,overheat,overload,DC polarity reversed,leak current
Night consumption 20W 100W
Display LCD
IP standard IP20
Communication RS485,RS232,GPRS
Working temperature 0℃~+40℃
Humidity 0~95%,no condensing
Altitude ≤2000M
Cooling Forced fan
Noise 60db
Size(mm) 550x480x950 600x800x2000 800x1000x2000 800x1500x2000
Weight(kgs) 120 680 750 880 1680
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