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DC UPS 240W-100KW
Modular DC UPS are widely used for power plants,hydropower plants,oil and chemistry,various substations,data center,ect.
The modular DC ups are widely used for power plants(15MW-60MW)and substations(10KV-500KV),hydropower station,transformer stations,signal transmission,telecommunication and lighting,petroleum industry,chemical industry,metallurgy,machinery,papermaking,coal industry,building materials,textile,brewing industry,ect.
The DC ups system is adopted new generation of intelligent high frequency switch technology, which meet the requirements of electric power industry with high reliability and high performance on the basis of equipment development and network operation.
Specific modular design of the switching power supply with high reliability.
●Wide input voltage range:304-475VAC,50/60Hz, three phases
●With output voltage: 110VDC/220VDC/240VDC; output current: 1-300A available
●With high adaptability to grid
●Automatic low current equalization,with unequalization<3%
●Advanced soft switch technology with efficiency >94%
●Complying with the IEC and UL international standards
●With 3-level centralized/distributed monitoring system
●With intelligent battery management system,with real-time monitor function for battery operation state and parameters
●With communication: RS232,RS485 available
●Rectifiers being hot-pluggable,convenient for online maintenance 
Main Components included           
●With AC input distribution cabinets           
●Rectification: rectifiers and insulation diodes           
●DC output distribution: diode chain, IMS, switching branches and control branches            
●Monitoring system: power control unit and distribution monitoring box        
●All the modules and components could be customized accordingly


GZDW 110VDC/220VDC power system
Model   GZDW220-220D GZDW380-220D GZDW380-110D
Input Voltage 220VAC±15% 380VAC±15%,3phases+4wires
Frequency 45-65Hz
Efficiency >95%
Power factor 0.93
Output Voltage 190-300VDC 190-300VDC 95-150VDC
Current(A) 0.5-10A 0.5-40A 1-40A
Power(W) 1500-3000 1500-12000 1500-6000
Transfer time 3-8s
Stabalization <±0.5%
Ripple <0.2%
Current sharing imbalance for parallel <±3%
Protection Overvoltage,undervoltage,overheat,reverse
connection,phase failure,short circuit,overcurrent
Intelligent functions

Output dc voltage and current adjustable,output over voltage/undervoltage adjustable;intelligent battery management,with automatic switch seting for boost and floating charging;Detecting AC input and battery voltage/battery current and battery temperature,automatic adjusting voltage according to battery temperature;Detecting bus and branch insulation status;battery discharge management

Others Remote processing though RS485;Remote signaling,transmit signal to monitoring system, such as AC input fault,rectifier fault,battery over temperature;Remote DC voltage and current measure;Remote controlling rectifier power on and off,adjusting DC voltage and current
Cooling forced fan
Environment temperature -20℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+60℃
Humidity 0~95%
Air pressure 70-106Kpa
Insulation resistance Testing:500VDC,input to output>≥10MΩ
Dielectric strength 2000Vdc
Communication RS232/RS485
Noise <50db
IP class IP20
DC UPS for 10KV-500KV power substations
Input 220VAC±15% 380VAC±15%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Capacity 1-30KVA 7.5-125KVA
DC output 24/48/110/220VDC
Output current 5/10/15/20/30/40/50/60/80/100/160/200/250/315/400/500A
Ripple ≤0.2%
Current stabalization ≤±0.5%
Voltage stabalizaiton ≤±0.5%
Current share imbalance ≤±5%
Power factor 1
Efficiency >95%
Battery Ah 10-3000Ah
Size(LxWxH)mm 600x800x2260

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