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Off grid solar inverter 1KW-6KW
Off grid solar inverter are adopted with PWM technology, with high reliability for all kinds of loads.
Adopted SPWM pulse width modulation technique, low-distortion sine wave output, high control precision, suitable for solar power system, fax,fan and home appliances and all kinds of loads;
●High performance number DSP processor, high integration, high speed operation;
●Can be with MPPT controller can trace the most timely output power of solar;
●Intelligent battery charge and discharge management and temperature compensation function, longer battery life, ensure the battery work in the best condition;
●Having over charging and over discharging, overload, short circuit, overvoltage, under voltage, over temperature protection and other sound and light alarm function;
●RS485/RS232、Ethernet、USB communication,realize the long distance data collection and monitor.
Model IG5115S off grid solar inverter
Capacity 1KW 1.5KW 2KW 3KW 4KW 5KW 6KW
Voltage 110/120/220/230/240VAC
Voltage range 95-126VAC;150-270VAC
Frequency range 47-65HZ
Voltage 110/120/220/230/240VAC
Wave form Pure sine wave
Frequency 50/60HZ+-0.3HZ;78.4HZ available;33-400HZ available
Transfer time <10ms
Power factor 0.9/1.0
Voltage regulation +-10%rms
Surge rate 3KW 4.5KW 6KW 9KW 12KW 15KW 18KW
Protection overload,overheat,overcurrent,overvoltage,shortcircuit,ect
Battery voltage 12VDC 24VDC 48VDC
Charging current 35A/70A
Communication RS232,USB
Working temperature 0-40C
Humidity 0-90% no condensation
Size(mm) 128x272x355 128x272x355 140x295x540
Weight(kgs) 7 7.5 7.6 8 12.5 13.5 15
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