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Frequency converter (1500Hz) 3-180KVA
Frequency converter is adopted high frequency switching technology,specially designed for airplane electronic equipments for aviation system.
radar and repairing manufacturer,airplane and repairing manufacturer,turbine engine factories,airplane detection system,instrument control centers,ect
Widely used in airplane and airborne equipments, radar, navigation and other areas which need 400 hz medium frequency power supply.Which is the perfect replacement of medium frequency power supply.
●Adopt unique instantaneous 2-ring control, high control precision, excellent waveform quality,can be used to all kinds of loads.
●Adopt sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) technology design and international advanced IGBT/IPM power module,with small in size, light weight, low noise, high efficiency and stable performance
●Microprocessor control, output voltage and frequency can be online adjustable
●Applicable to three-phase equilibrium and completely unbalanced loads, each phase can be used for single-phase power supply for loads
●Independent electrical parameters real-time measurement and display of frequency,voltage,current,capacity and power factor, conveniently to use
●Can be equipped with RS232,RS485 communication port optional 
●GJB181A - 2003 standard for aircraft power supply 
●GJB572-88 standard for aircraft and ground power supply 
●Q/AK004-2001 standard for technical requirements of static medium frequency power supply 
●MIL-STO-704 aircraft power standard
Model FC15003 FC9006 FC90010 FC90015 FC90020 FC90050 FC900100 FC900120 FC900150 FC900180
Capacity(KVA) 3KVA 6KVA 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 50KVA 100KVA 120KVA 150KVA 180KVA
Voltage 220V±10% 380V±10%
Phase Single phase three phases+4 wires
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz±5Hz
Voltage 0-70VAC adjustable 0-135VAC adjustable
Phase three phases+4wires
Voltage precision ≦±1% FS
Frequency 1000-1500Hz 300-900Hz
Precision ≦±0.01%
Resolution 0.1Hz
Waveform Pure sine wave
THD ≦2%
Voltage coefficient 1.414±0.05
Voltage adjust <0.5V
Phase difference no load:120°±2°,load:120°±4°
Overload 120%for1minute,150%for10s,200%for1s
Protection overvoltage,undervoltage,phase loss,overload,shortcircuit,overheat
Display LCD display voltage,current,frequency
Phase voltage:resolution:0.1V, precision:±0.5%FS
Current:resolution:0.1A, precision:±0.2%FS
Frequency:resolution:0.1Hz, precision:±0.1%FS
LED for status,fault,emergency stop
Efficiency >90%
IP class IP20
Noise <65db
Cooling fan
Temperature -25℃-50℃
Humidity ≦90% no condense
Alititude ≦2000M
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