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Electric Cable Reel
Electric cable reel for ship is to receive the shore electric cables.
The electric cable reel for ship is a patented product specially designed by our company for the port terminal to receive the shore electric cable. The cable reel is different from the ordinary cable reel. The cable reel is equipped with a cable tension detection control device according to the application characteristics of the receiving and releasing electric cable.
When loading and unloading cargo, or when the tide goes up and down, the cable can be automatically tightened or relaxed with the rise and fall of the ship to ensure that the shore power cable is in a reasonably tight state. The cable reel has the following characteristics:
1.1. Can automatically tighten or relax the cable according to the tension of the shore electric cable(the tension threshold is adjustable). When the tensile force of the shore electric cable exceeds the tension threshold, the cable reel is in a free release state to ensure that the shore electric cable does not withstand excessive tension and damage the cable.
1.2. 1.2 The cable reel is equipped with a two-way screw cable loader, which can horizontally and neatly roll the cable in multiple layers, greatly reducing the diameter of the cable reel.
1.3. 1.3 The cable retraction motor is driven by a frequency converter to achieve arbitrary stepless speed regulation of the retraction cable and control of the slow start retraction cable.
1.4. 1.4. The working power supply of the cable reel is designed with a wide input power supply, which can automatically adapt to the port land power supply of 380V/50HZ and the power supply of the 440V/60HZ from ship, so that the cable reel can be placed on land or on ship.
1.5. 1.5 Protection level of collector, electric control box and retractable motor is IP65. The cable coil is sprayed with epoxy zinc anti-rust primer and polyammonium primer for bridges to fully meet the requirements of the port dock or the outdoor environment on board.
Technical Specification:
No. Specification 440V low voltage cable reel 6.6KV high voltage cable reel
Input Voltage Automatic adaptation to 380V/50HZ port land power supply and 440V/60HZ ship power supply
Phase 3 phases/3 wires
Electrical properties of cables Rated voltage of cable 500VAC 7.2KVAC
Cable diameter 3x150mm2 3x50mm2
Cable length 50M 100M
Cable type Nonitrile rubber flexible cable
Cable weight 350KGS
Environment Working environment Outdoor Environment for Port Terminals or Ships
IP class The protection level of relay, electric control box, receiving and discharging motor reaches IP65
Structural performance Relay rated voltage 500VAC 7.2KVAC
Relay rated current 500A 200A
Cable arrangement By horizontal multi-layer cable arrangement
Cable Loader double reel
Motor power for receiving and discharging cable 3KW
Motor driver for receiving and discharging cable Vacon frequency converter
Speed of receiving and discharging cable Stepless and arbitrary speed adjustment with slow start function
Dimension(mm) 2000x2000x1500
Weight(KGS) 750KGS not including cables
Color Color No.7032 (Cable reel overall spray epoxy zinc anti-rust primer and bridge special polyammonium finish paint)
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