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Nickel Iron rechargeable Battery
Nickel iron batteries are made with nickel oxide, hydroxide anode,iron cathode with electrolyte of potassium hydroxide.
Batteries are with long life, environment friendly, large capacity,no corrosive gas when working, reliability and safety.Battery life is more than 20 years.
Batteries are widely used solar and wind power systems, UPS, telecommunications, networks,oil and gas, radio station,utilities,railway and light trains, offshore platform, navigation, commercial buildings and housebuildings, ect.
Nickel-iron batteries are made with materials of positive plate of nickel hydroxide and negative plates of iron oxide.The active materials are inside pockets formed from nickel plated steel strips. Plates are welded into bars that ensures high mechanical strength and electrical stability.
The steel plates are very strong and can’t be weakened by repeated cycling. The alkaline electrolyte doesn’t react with steel plates, so that battery structure stay intact and unchanged during whole lifetime. Electrolyte of nickel iron batteries is solution of potassium hydroxide and lithium hydroxide, which keeps about high performance,high safety,life and efficiency of batteries in a certain temperature ranges. Batteries can be operated at wide temperature range of -20C-+60C,with lifespan of more than 20 years.Batteries can be upto 3500 deep cycles at 50% DOD. Nickel Iron batteries have features of long life(more than 20 years), excellent performance, environment friendly, no pollution, low cost of transportation and installation, low maintenance, ect.


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Model Voltage
Terminal Dimension
NFB10 1.2 10 0.7 M5 85x39x126 ABS
NFB30 1.2 30 1.3 M10X1 145x54x248 ABS
NFB40 1.2 40 2.5 M10X1 145x54x248 ABS
NFB45 1.2 45 2.7 M10X1 142x67x223 ABS
NFB50 1.2 50 3.2 M10X1 142x67x223 ABS
NFB60 1.2 60 3.4 M10X1 136x51x368 PP
NFB80 1.2 80 4.5 M10X1 139x79x361 ABS
NFB100 1.2 100 4.9 M16 141x80x365 ABS
NFB150 1.2 150 9.5 M20X1.5 167x162x343 ABS
NFB200 1.2 200 12 M20X1.5 167x162x343 ABS
NFB250 1.2 250 20.5 M16 168x132x368 STEEL
NFB300 1.2 300 20.9 M16 168x132x451 STEEL
NFB350 1.2 350 28.6 M16 168x155x531 STEEL
NFB400 1.2 400 20 M20X1.5 176x161x535 ABS
NFB450 1.2 450 22 M20X1.5 291x174x505 ABS
NFB500 1.2 500 32.6 M16 168x155x561 STEEL
NFB600 1.2 600 30 M20X1.5 291x174x505 ABS
NFB700 1.2 700 33 M20X1.5 399x184x562 ABS
NFB800 1.2 800 53 M20X1.5 399x184x562 ABS
NFB1000 1.2 1000 73 M20X1.5 399x184x572 ABS

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